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We build delightful software products

Dekkode helps businesses that are looking to innovate, grow, and leap ahead of their competition.

We help you to design, build, run and support a one-of-a-kind solution. Our world-class team of dedicated software engineers and experts deliver custom software development services ranging from front and backend development for web and mobile applications to cloud infrastructure, digital marketing, business analysis, and more.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new app, write software for a complex business solution, refactor older code, or launch an online store, you can count on Dekkode to partner with you every step of the way.

Modern Software

Modern Software

Modern software systems are resilient, secure and user-friendly. We develop applications that are fun for users and developers alike.

Good software is not only developed to a high quality, but it must also fulfill your business purpose. For applications to be maintainable, it is important that program code is easy to understand and well tested.

We develop software in close cooperation with our customers, in a friendly and uncomplicated atmosphere. We rely on modern infrastructure, secure frameworks, automated quality management and efficient project management.

We combine innovation with experience. Secure and robust software systems and modern technology - that should not be a compromise.

We love to deliver useful features as quickly as possible so your business can already benefit while other features are still in development. This way, we validate that we meed customer needs and generate business value very early on. It also helps, to prioritze efforts and move quickly, not wasting any time and budget on things that should not been have been done in the first place.

Fast Development Iterations

Fast Development Iterations

We take pride in our Software Quality

We take pride in our Software Quality

Software quality is of the highest importance to us: We ensure security, maintainability and bug-free experiences for the end users. 

We use the best available tools and processes: From automated testing  over static code analysis, code reviews to manual QA. We want to deliver the best resuts for our customers - and ourselves!

Software quality means for us to constantly sharpen our skills, help each other grow and take pride in the code we write. It is way more fun to work on well designed and tested software.

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